Shane Martin’s work as a psychologist spans various sectors and audiences. He is deeply engaged in the corporate world, offering training to multinational giants across Ireland, the UK, and Europe. In education, he is a familiar face in countless schools throughout Ireland, advocating for a psychology of health, happiness, and resilience among management, teachers, students, and parents. His influence extends to national educational conferences, where he has been a keynote speaker, and he has also addressed the Oireachtas committee on Education and Skills on the crucial topic of Positive Mental Health in Schools.

Beyond formal settings, Shane’s self-help course, “Moodwatchers,” has garnered widespread acclaim, both in community venues and online, attracting thousands of participants worldwide. He has worked extensively supporting health professionals throughout the island of Ireland, delivering tailored CPD sessions and well-being seminars.

Shane’s seminars are renowned for their engaging blend of storytelling, humour, and evidence-based psychology, consistently leaving audiences uplifted and inspired. This approach has seen him fill theatres nationwide with his social shows which mix poetry, psychology and humour. He is the author of the best selling book ‘Your Previous Life – How to Live it Well’ and three collections of poems.

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